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I am a firm believer that someone, somewhere has it worse than I do.  I am really feeling sorry for that poor individual(s) today!

I am off work until the 5th of January.  I wanted to take this time to kick my lazy behind in gear and start on that online course I joined MONTHS ago, and well as CLEAN my house.  So yesterday I tackled the CLEANING portion by starting in the garage.  I wanted to get it clean enough for Bubba to ride his bike or skateboard down there.  So, I am five seconds away from being finished, complete, finito….and I see my dogs fighting over something.  The boxer has eaten fish eggs off of a hook, and then spat the hook out.  By the time I get there, the basset decided to EAT THE HOOK.  I shoved my hand down her throat, and she managed to swallow a BIG KING HOOK (she can’t swallow a pill!) with my hand in her mouth.

This afternoon I will be framing the hook that cost me $1000 to retrieve from her STOMACH!

That was the end of my CLEANING day.  Well, after I cleaned up the EIGHT piles of throw up that the boxer left me, and then took the basset to the vet, THEN I was too P-O’d to continue cleaning.  Hopefully I can do something better today, although I imagine I will be forcing my non-swallowing dog to swallow some pills to help her recover from her surgery.  Oh the joys.


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Santa made it to Iraq, with all my love…


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dear deployment

The DEAR DEPLOYMENT project has been extended.
Learn more here.

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not cool

As the family of a Combat Soldier, we have never wanted to recruit.  We have had people tell us that it would do him good.  Some people tell us it’s the worst thing our marriage can go through.  Personally, I have always felt it would be the kiss of death for the way my husband feels (as well as myself) about the Army.

This article really hardens what I was thinking all along, and I am incredibly sorry for what these families have had to go through.  Her picture haunts me.  It reminds me of how close we all are to that kind of life.  Iraq may not claim our DHs, but just because they make it home doesn’t mean they made it safely!  It doesn’t make any of us safe.


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Traditions are great, however they do not create themselves.  Not technically, at least.  No, you must venture out to seek new traditions to pass along to your children.  I recognize that I may move my children around with our Army life, but THEY WILL HAVE TRADITIONS to carry on with them once they leave the nest (at 18!).  It’s as close as we transient folks get to roots. Anywho, I had never carved a pumpkin for Halloween until 2005.  Now, its an annual event for the kids and I (DH hasn’t been around for a Halloween in quite a while), and I am not bad at it.  Something I am bad at?  GINGERBREAD HOUSES!  Holy-freakin’-crap people, this is not a two-handed project.  It is more like a four or eight, and none of those can be the wobbly hands of a child before puberty.

I traversed to the house of my local family (Fairbanks Mom = FMom) over the weekend and partook in their annual festivities.  Unlike pumpkin carving, this is one mess I never intend to make in my own house, much less make again.  Bubba and his friend (FMom’s grandson) made one house with a little help from my FMom, and I helped ‘Tug and her friend (FMom’s granddaughter) make another gingerbread house, while FMom’s youngest daughter, her boyfriend, and another friend created the masterpiece displayed below.  Evil little show offs.

So, needless to say, my house was not certified by the board, and is currently undergoing renovations.  The foundation is shaky, and the roof cracked right down the middle due to the house settling different than anticipated (it settled flat, all four sides…flat, so uncool).

Below, for your viewing pleasure is the product of all our sweat that afternoon.  Never again.  OH, not to mention the SUGAR OVERLOAD that came upon us immediately following completion of this project.  Side note, my kids are not allowed to have candy.  It is not strictly forbidden, just not easily accessible.  In fact, Easter and Halloween are the only times they are given candy, and that’s only ONE TIME, not days!

I am sure they got in all they could while I wasn’t looking!

IMG_0563 IMG_0564

IMG_0567IMG_0566IMG_0569 IMG_0561


And finally, I present to you the lovely new subdivision opening up on Gingerbread Lane.


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More of PhotoFunia…

Along the lines of Mr. Beckham’s stomach, well, not those lines, but figuratively speaking of course….anywho, here’s one photo of my son that turned out incredibly well.


I see you 🙂


Okay – I guess I am done with PhotoFunia for now. 😦

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{FYI:  I did NOT take this picture, but it is cool, right?}

In an effort to continue with this blog, I realized that I need to come up with a plan.  I need to have some sort of shtick that keeps you (my two readers) coming back every day, every week, or at all, really.  Don’t worry it will all still be somewhat military deployment related (loosely).

So, I am going to go about this a couple of ways.  (1) I will try to have a reoccurring monthly post about WHAT to send to your DH.  (2) Other posts each month will be central to a theme.  Since I have screwed up December, I will have to start all this gooey goodness in January.  I am open to requests, so email me or comment them anywhere on the site.  If I use your ideas and they end up sucking, you will hear about it.  🙂 Just kidding.  (3) Something picture related.  Maybe a This Week in Pictures or something similar, although that sounds like an awful lot of work.  Keep in mind that I will be resuming classes at the end of January people, so keep the demands down.

Okay enough for now.  You know what to expect somewhat, and I expect you to keep reading.  What else am I paying you for?

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