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that place

You know what kind of place you are in when the only drink you have available to take your birth control with in the morning is wine, and you don’t mind.


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Musical Mania…

So, I started the weekend watching High School Musical 3, about five times I think! Figuring we were already in the mood, I moved on to Hairspray and Momma Mia (neither of which we have watched)…

Thanks, fmom, you can get them back come Monday 🙂

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I have spent the last couple of hours working on my homework.  Bubba’s sick, so we have been stationed at the home base all day!  (oh, joy)

I am working on a virtual classroom for my midterm project in one of my classes this semester…So far I have been tinkering with the entering page…since I know absolutely nothing about posting flash stuff yet, I will just do a screen shot 🙂

I think its cute, its a chalkboard! – and each (apple, bookshelf, & ruler) are all buttons that take you somewhere else.

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okay, i admit it…

I like the Jonas Brothers.

Okay, so I don’t love them with the enthusiasm of a teenage girl, stalking their website or watching every YouTube video that mentions one of the three famed brothers, however, I like them.  BTW, I wish I could have had as much access to NKOTB back in the day, as fans do now with their idols.  I remember SCREAMING from my living room whenever they came on the TV…screaming, really.

Anywho – yeah, so I like them.  It helps that ‘Tug likes them, she has posters on the wall, and loves to see them on TV.  Bubba likes them, too, for that matter.  ‘Tug has a favorite, of course, and its Joe.  I will admit that if I had to choose a favorite it wouldn’t be Joe.  Partly, because I always go against who everyone else picks  (JORDAN, lol), but also because I am looking for different things in them, as young men, that most teenage girls aren’t looking for.

As I am typing this, I have about three other paragraphs about each of the members, and their redeeming qualities.  But, I just remembered that I am TWENTY EIGHT years old, and I need to find something else to blog about.

They were on Ellen this week, and it was hiliarious, so watch the clip, and then I will shutup.

and even funnier:

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what makes me angry

I don’t live on post.  I live about 20 minutes (when you drive the speed limit) away, and really only go on-post now days to take my son to his art class.  I saw something today that reminded me how much I hate going on-post when the guys are gone, and here is why:

When you are exiting the front gate there is a sign showing how many days have passed since the last DUI was handed out.  It also tells you which unit owns the the douche-bag jerk-wad who achieved that high level of success.  I must tell you that DUI’s are ridiculous, and that adults should know better, especially when you KNOW you will be checked at the gate, and if you are even tipsy on NyQuil you will get caught (dumbass).  So, even when the guys are here, this sign is up, and usually the “days” (since the last DUI) are listed at zero, or five, or whatever I am slightly annoyed at it.  It pisses me off the most when my husband is gone, fighting in a war that no longer exists in the eyes of our government, and some POG-(insert crude name to tag on here) in the REAR-D finds it suitable to go out and get shit-faced and then be a hero by taking his own vehicle back home.  REALLY?!?!?!?

Okay – I will stop here – but let me say that I had to edit this post a bazillon times for my foul language.  Don’t worry – I am just working out my frustration over the DH’s absence.  Cheaper than crack.

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run for it

I am heading off to work this morning, even though ‘Tug is still sick. Today is the Valentine party at school – and I just hated the idea that she would be near others’ cupcakes and cookies! Not to mention if someone drank after her. She’s supposedly okay, but she still acts super sick, and her fever hasn’t completely gone away.

Anywho – I am making a run for it. I secured someone to watch her for two hours….and I am going to work. Geez, I am sad.

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