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well, they showed me…

This morning as I drove into work, I noticed a rather LARGE, flashing road-construction-type sign at the entrance to the college. It stated, “PLEASE CONSERVE ENERGY.” I thought to myself, “that seems sort of stupid. I wonder how much energy (and money) they are wasting in order to tell ME to conserve energy?” By the time I reached my desk, it had left my thoughts.

I ran down the hill (in my car, I am not *that* into conserving energy yet) during lunch and the sign was singing a new tune, “I AM SOLAR POWERED, PLEASE CONSERVE ENERGY.” See, I wasn’t the only one who questioned the administration, I just did it quietly. 🙂


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random ramblings

Over the last few years I have come across circumstances where I think to myself, “Self, you should blog about this.” Mind you, I did not have a blog site other than myspace until last year, so that shows you how often I have taken my own advice. This evening I had one of those moments again, and I really am unsure how to go about developing the whole scenario for which I want to write about, so I guess I will start at the beginning.

Each year the GI participates in the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk in Fairbanks.  Each year the ladies in my office get super involved in raising money to contribute to the heart walk, and we usually participate in everything from muffin sales and ice cream socials to selling raffle tickets and paper hearts.  This year the Fairbanks Chapter of the AHA is putting on a Dodge Ball Tournament, and I decided to get a team together.  I found a few willing participates, and spent a few minutes this morning making a poster, giving the team names, and trying to get people to say they’d show up next Friday.

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

I drew the lil’ ball o’ fire myself in illustrator – however I did get the idea from a similar version online.  ANYWHO…

So that led me to the notion that I had to go out and buy Dodgeball, the movie, so I could prep and get my game face on.  Right.  So anywho, the kids and I went to Wal-Mart after work.  I got a few things for the kids (mainly ‘Tug because Bubba was telling me “no” to everything just to piss me off), and found the movie in the $5 bin.  It is after 6pm by the time we check out, so we walk over to Subway for some supper.  As we are eating our subs — no, ‘Tug is only eating her chips, and Bubba’s eating a Spicy Italian with all the peppers and jalapenos his bread can hold — when I notice an elderly native woman joining the line.  I am a watcher.  I am also an eavesdropper, but that’s neither here nor there.   There’s only one gentleman in front of her in line, and she’s watching all around, twisting this way and that, but in a slow, grandmotherly fashion.  I think to myself (1 – I should blog about this, but more importantly…) “WOW – she must have reached an age where she just decided to ignore her breasts all together.”  I am not sure if she had a bra on, although her shirt was tight enough to tell, I never did look on her shoulder to see if there were straps.  I just was absorbed in the idea that as she got dressed to leave the house she brushed her teeth, maybe combed her hair, and tucked her boobs into her elastic waist capri’s.  I continue to watch her as she orders.  The young boy at the counter makes her repeat it twice.  “Two Meatballs.”  Two sandwiches?  Two 6 inch subs?  Two what?  No, son, two meatballs.  Instantly I forgot about her reckless abandonment of a tit sling and pictured Adam Sandler.  I prayed, “oh I hope he’s seen which ever movie it was where Adam’s character is paid by the old lady with meatballs, in his hand! SO BADLY I wanted to see her stand on her tippy toes and reach out her cupped hands for a meatball in each one.  My prayers were not to be heard today as I saw the young man give her TWO MEATBALLS in a soup cup.  Who orders two meatballs at Subway?  Apparently little old ladies with no recollection that they are in fact still ladies.

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Well, I had a great friend stay with me over the last few days, and I couldn’t help but be suckered into buying more books. Readers pressure other readers to read. Sorta like drinkers…but apparently my friend handles her books better than her drinks. Ah, I digress.   My “to read” pile has grown exponentially since this semester started, but I did manage to read something while she was here. She had heard about LAMB by Christopher Moore, and while we were looking at it, I purchased A DIRTY JOB, also by Mr. Moore, and convinced myself I could read it before she left, so that she could take it with her.

Here’s what I got out of it.
(1) It was a fairly easy read. Every now and then he goes into the lead character’s thought process about being a BETA MALE instead of an ALPHA MALE, and this is revisited several times. That part is harder for me to concentrate on and enjoy….
(2) It had its incredibly funny, must-read-aloud-moments. In the beginning he’s convinced his daughter was born with a tail, and some of the rambling that comes out of that is great stuff. Several other times I had to put the book down just to re-realize what he was saying and then proceed to laugh myself into tears.
(3) I hated the ending. Well, not hated so much as just didn’t like.  Hate is such a strong word.
(4) It was great for entertainment, and the book had absolutely (well almost) no morale to take away from it…but worth the day or so it took for me to read.

That’s it – that’s all I’ve got.  The book was cute – but dunno if I would have bought it if it was just ME reading it.

When I read LAMB (the gospel according to Biff), I will let you know it is.  Actually – when I read any of the 18 books I just got in from the Military One Source Library I will let you know about those too 🙂

Sure wish I could get paid to read books…

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