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So, we have a date for Airborne School.   Collectively now,  WOOOOHOOO!!!  Um, but wait, it’s smack dab in the middle of things (which is okay)….but NOW we don’t know our report date.  It used to be 10 July, but now we’re assuming its later, but how much later….we don’t know.

So – we know a few things.

(1) Most important on the hub’s list is that he gets to spend lots of leisure time in his ole’ hometown.

(2) Having his Mom there @ the graduation (easy solution).

Sooooo – do we go to NY before Airborne, or do we beat-feet down to LA and drop the camper off first?  Mmmm, do we to go NY, and then just the hub flying down to School?

Do I want to go to Airborne graduation?  Do I want to hang out in GA for three weeks?  Do I want to hang out there with the kids, or without the kids?

AHHHHHHH, so many new questions, that I didn’t have before.

Guess it will wait until we get a report date for him to be @ JRTC.

Until then…………………………………………………….


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Lately, I’ve been asking the kids to think of questions or concerns they may have about moving.  They can be about the move itself, or about our new location.

I’ve already talked to them about where they will be going to school (two different schools), and that they’ll have to wear uniforms (down to the socks!).  They aren’t pleased, but aren’t complaining too much…..yet.

So last night I received the following questions:

Rickie: So how will we pay for oil and stuff for the truck, and hotels?

—-I imagine that he means gas for the truck, and so I told him that we’d have to pay for it, and a lot of other things.  But ultimately that the Army would pay us back for some of those things (like meals, gas, lodging).  And that since we were taking the camper, that we weren’t likely staying in any hotels.  Kylen frowned at this revelation, and Rickie seemed okay with it.  Kylen asks, “What Army?  Like Daddy will repay us?”  Cute….no, but the same Army that Daddy works for.

Kylen: Where will my clothes be?

—-Well, we’ll be taking some, and some will get shipped.  The ones we take will go in the closet you have in the camper. She tells me that that closet isn’t big enough for what she needs to take.

Rickie: How many miles is it?

—-I have no clue son, but we can Google it.  Since you are reading this blog today, and its titled as it is, you can safely assume that I have, in fact, Googled it!  He’ll freak out when I tell him tonight, I am sure.

Kylen: Where will all my shoes be?

—-Your shoes will go in your closet too, with your clothes.  You can’t take them all, so we’ll all have to choose two or three pair that you can keep with you through the move.  Then you can have the rest of your shoes when we move into a house in Louisiana.  Kylen says, “I get three, and Bubba can have two.  Can I bring extra shoes for Chrissie, since hers aren’t as big?”  (Chrissie is her American Doll) Ahhh, that’s my girl, calling dibs on the number of shoes she can bring.  She says that she doesn’t have the right kind of shoes to work with just three pairs.  So she will need a new pair of dress shoes (heeled sandals) to match all her dresses.   Then she’ll take easy shoes (crocs) and some tennis shoes.  Wow, she’s already negotiating for MORE shoes.

Well, that’s it for round one of questioning.  I’m sure they’ll think of more stuff tonight.

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(Click and the map will take you to the Google Maps map I created, with notes)

So this is the plan:  we have to move.  We have to move to Louisiana.  Also, we (think) we have to attend Airborne School in Georgia.  Also, we (think) we have to go to NY to visit Rick’s family before we get to GA for Airborne School.  Right now, however we have no dates.  None……so we are waiting.  And while we wait, I’ve plotted our route.  (did you see it above?)  It will be approximately 7,012 miles from here to there.  I am sure we’ll actually travel a little more than that, but none the less.

The journey of Seven Thousand Miles starts …… soon.  See, you thought I was going to say with one step.  HA!  Like I’d walk all that way.

So, should you find yourself along our way, let me know.  It’s always good to see old friends.  If you have ideas, tips, places to stop and see, let me know.  I’m taking all the advice I can get.  We drove up from LA to AK, but that was really a straight shot (and we took the ferry).  This time we are taking the long way back down.

Anywho – let’s get on with it!!!!


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