Carnival of Signs

We are resting in Watson Lake this evening, and boy was it a long day.  We traveled 667 miles, from Tok to Watson Lake, and over some horrible frost heaves!  BUT we’ve made it, and woohoo are we glad.

This evening I walked the dogs down to the “Carnival of Signs” (as Kylen calls it, but everyone else uses the normal name “Sign Post Forrest.”  I don’t plan to write much, as our internet connection is crappy – and I want to take a bath (in rusty water, might I add).  So here’s the run down.

We had a wonderful breakfast @ Fast Eddy’s in Tok.  Yummy!!!  Probably my last bite of reindeer sausage for a while.

Lunch was McDonalds (its weird in Canada….just saying). I seem to still be sick (allergy to smoke?) and my throat is still crappy – and I’m all congested.  Makes for nice SNORING while Rick drives.

We saw a bear, changed time zones (damn, forgot all about that), and drove all over Watson Lake looking for a real restaurant.  We ended right back up next door to the hotel.

That does it – here, enjoy the pictures, and that’s all for now.  We’ve got another 600 miler tomorrow, but not quite as far (or as crappy of a road) tomorrow.


—–SORRY—-Didn’t bother to format them either – just thrown in willy nilly – I’m TIRED!


We’ve witnessed our belongings being shoved into boxes, and put in the truck.  Today started our journey of 7,000 (more really) miles.  We have only traveled 209 miles so far.

First things first, we stopped to sign out on leave.  THEN, we stopped by to see Santa Claus at his place.  He just got back to work after his long winter vacation.  The kids chatted a bit about where we were going, and Santa made sure to reassure them that he’d get to them down there too.

After Santa’s we went to Wendy’s.  I think we’ll try eating at different places every meal, we’ll see how that goes.  So, theoretically, we would have to forgo Wendy’s for the remainder of the trip.  Fingers are crossed, I think it will be an interesting creative outlet as we get into the States, but through AK and Canada we should be fine.

We’ve only traveled 209 miles, but those 209 miles have not been without incident.  Nothing terrible, but we had to wait 20 minutes (give or take) about 15 miles outside of Tok for a pilot car to take us through the burn area.  The whole ride up to Tok was smokey, and I do not handle the smoke well.  Just since last year my throat has started doing this nasty-raw-closing up deal when its really smokey out.  Well, driving me right into it isn’t all that fun.  We did, however, see ice still on a river.  I was more interested in taking pictures than determining what river it was.  You could see where the fire was (obviously from the picture on the far left) but you could also see where the fire had been…..see below.  Its amazing how much it wipes out…..


Well, looks like I’ve got two more truck-packing days, then two days of having packers around for the rest of the HHG, and then a day and a half of not having any stuff, but still sitting in the house.

We are all excited, ready to move on and start the next show, you know?  There are some fires on the ALCAN currently, which is a little disturbing.  I’m hoping to clears up enough to let us out next Friday.  We’ll be stopping by to see Santa Claus on our way out Friday, hopefully he can pull a few strings for us.  🙂

Another complication to my situation, I’ve dumped the phone in the Chena! Its not working, and I’m now looking to borrow a phone to get us through.  I’ve got all the numbers, and our itinerary all plugged into the blackberry!  Oh well, I’ll have to do it on the iPod Touch I guess.

Well, that’s that, guess I need to get back to work at packing.  The house is about 2 weeks away from closing, which is nice.  I’ve defended my master’s project, and that went well.  I just have a few revisions to the write-up.  (Glad that’s over). Things are finally looking up.


Now on to looking @ Liard River Hot Springs to see if we can stop there for an hour or so….

Leg 1 – revisted

Okay – so we’ve made some changes since the last time I posted.  Namely, we’ve sold our camper. I took pictures, and will be posting some tonight (on this post) so make sure and check back. (Kylen and I were sad, just a bit).

We were slightly worried about not dumping the house before we leave, and we wanted to be sure we could float for a while should we find ourselves in that situation.  That sale prompted me to plan a little bit about where we will be staying at night, since we do have two dogs.  I’ve mapped a new route (new again on 4/29/30 and the stops seem a bit far apart, but we’ll see). And then spent time on petswelcome.com in order to locate hotels that (1) accept dogs, and (2) don’t charge fees for their hairy visitors.  One hotel wanted $150 for a fee!!!!  Are you kidding me?!? I don’t think so.

If anyone has advice (from experience)on this  whole traveling with dogs scenario (and not pulling our own bed), please chime in below!!

We STILL haven’t sold the house, and I’m STILL not done with school.  But we will see what the future brings in a month’s time, I suppose.  We have booked our last halibut charter that we shall be taking (for the next few years), and hope to pull in enough to last us for a little while.  We’ve been out (thanks to the freezer shorting out) of halibut & salmon for over a year now, and it’s depressing!

Okay, we finally got our report date to Fort Polk!  And its way out there, so basically we have the time we wanted to visit NY.  Woohoo!  So, now that we’ve gotten that figured out, we think we’ve mapped out our first leg.  The stopping points might shift slightly, depending on how well the kids/dogs travel.

Now we are taking the regular route outta Canada, and that will take us through Edmonton.  So we will hit the West Edmonton Mall, instead of the Mall of America.  Six of one, half a dozen of the other, really.  Then we’ll stop in near Bozeman, MT to see some friends, and from there on to Mount Rushmore.  That’s our last sight seeing adventure, as we’ll book it straight down into Louisiana around night 9 or 10 (maybe).  Then the kids and I will hang around Louisiana for three weeks or so while Rick’s @ Airborne School…..That’ll complete the first leg of our journey.  There are three more legs to go before its over with!

Pray for a safe journey, as we make our way south.  Seems like we won’t be leaving until after the Memorial weekend festivities.

I’m about ready to start researching what I can get to take with me that enables me to have internet access from the truck….anywhere/everywhere.  If anyone knows of anything, let me know!!!!

A thousand miles more?

In three more days (two and a wake up) we should know our new report date to Fort Polk, LA.  With that in mind, we’ve been rerouting our move, hoping that we will have more time behind Airborne school for us to spend in New York.  If that’s the case, then we’ll be traveling over 8,000 miles before we settle down at Fort Polk.

We’ve looked at driving to LA, then flying him to GA, or flying us all to NY….we aren’t sure yet, and really I think it will depend on how much time we have to spend before his new report date.  Although its all “unknown”, at least we will know soon.  What we still don’t know about is how/when this house is going to sell.  That’s the rough part.  I’d willingly move out tomorrow if that meant the house was sold today……responsibility’s rough.

Regardless, we still plan on hitting Mount Rushmore, and the Mall of America…..so that’s why the out route to get to LA.

More to come…

So, we have a date for Airborne School.   Collectively now,  WOOOOHOOO!!!  Um, but wait, it’s smack dab in the middle of things (which is okay)….but NOW we don’t know our report date.  It used to be 10 July, but now we’re assuming its later, but how much later….we don’t know.

So – we know a few things.

(1) Most important on the hub’s list is that he gets to spend lots of leisure time in his ole’ hometown.

(2) Having his Mom there @ the graduation (easy solution).

Sooooo – do we go to NY before Airborne, or do we beat-feet down to LA and drop the camper off first?  Mmmm, do we to go NY, and then just the hub flying down to School?

Do I want to go to Airborne graduation?  Do I want to hang out in GA for three weeks?  Do I want to hang out there with the kids, or without the kids?

AHHHHHHH, so many new questions, that I didn’t have before.

Guess it will wait until we get a report date for him to be @ JRTC.

Until then…………………………………………………….