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Lately, I’ve been asking the kids to think of questions or concerns they may have about moving.  They can be about the move itself, or about our new location.

I’ve already talked to them about where they will be going to school (two different schools), and that they’ll have to wear uniforms (down to the socks!).  They aren’t pleased, but aren’t complaining too much…..yet.

So last night I received the following questions:

Rickie: So how will we pay for oil and stuff for the truck, and hotels?

—-I imagine that he means gas for the truck, and so I told him that we’d have to pay for it, and a lot of other things.  But ultimately that the Army would pay us back for some of those things (like meals, gas, lodging).  And that since we were taking the camper, that we weren’t likely staying in any hotels.  Kylen frowned at this revelation, and Rickie seemed okay with it.  Kylen asks, “What Army?  Like Daddy will repay us?”  Cute….no, but the same Army that Daddy works for.

Kylen: Where will my clothes be?

—-Well, we’ll be taking some, and some will get shipped.  The ones we take will go in the closet you have in the camper. She tells me that that closet isn’t big enough for what she needs to take.

Rickie: How many miles is it?

—-I have no clue son, but we can Google it.  Since you are reading this blog today, and its titled as it is, you can safely assume that I have, in fact, Googled it!  He’ll freak out when I tell him tonight, I am sure.

Kylen: Where will all my shoes be?

—-Your shoes will go in your closet too, with your clothes.  You can’t take them all, so we’ll all have to choose two or three pair that you can keep with you through the move.  Then you can have the rest of your shoes when we move into a house in Louisiana.  Kylen says, “I get three, and Bubba can have two.  Can I bring extra shoes for Chrissie, since hers aren’t as big?”  (Chrissie is her American Doll) Ahhh, that’s my girl, calling dibs on the number of shoes she can bring.  She says that she doesn’t have the right kind of shoes to work with just three pairs.  So she will need a new pair of dress shoes (heeled sandals) to match all her dresses.   Then she’ll take easy shoes (crocs) and some tennis shoes.  Wow, she’s already negotiating for MORE shoes.

Well, that’s it for round one of questioning.  I’m sure they’ll think of more stuff tonight.


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Ok – here we go, in no particular order…

* Convert Tuesday nights to NO TV NIGHT. In an effort to expose my children to more than the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana, I asked them to give up TV for one night a week.  Not only are we saving energy, but they can do other things with their time.  ‘What else?’ they ask.  Reading, homework, clean their room, crafts, hang out with Mommy, play with the dogs, etc.  The list really is endless.  And tonight is NO TV NIGHT, so let’s see how the maiden voyage goes!

* Convert Friday nights to FAMILY GAME NIGHT. In the past, and with some irregularity, we have had game night on Tuesdays.  This year, however, I would like to cementify game night, holding it to a higher standard than previously held to.  (yes, I made up cementify, get over it)  We had our first game night last Friday, and although it was not what I originally had in mind (we played WII at a friend’s house), it was still fun family time.

* NEW RULE:  Kids’ rooms must be clean before the start of FGN. This also means that unless they clean it during the week, that Friday’s afterschool will be spent picking up their rooms before we get down to the task at hand.  So far so good.

* NEW GOOD HABITBrushing Teeth at night. Save your tomatoes and throw them at me later.  I grew up never having to brush my teeth at night, and my teeth are not in poor health.  It never really crossed my mind to make my children brush their teeth before bed, and they really only do it at the fmom’s or fdad’s houses.   So, after a few lectures from the dental hygenist, I finally talked it over with the kids and we decided that we would all start brushing our teeth before bed.

* NEW GOOD HABIT:  Going to bed with no dishes in the sink. Yes, this one is strictly for me, but I have already broken it.  How sad?  I am still trying, although holding out little hope since this one has already kicked the bucket, so to speak.

* NEW FAMILY TRADITION:  Date Night.  I have tried this on an unofficial level in the past, without much success.  This year I decided to make it an official resolution, however it may only last through the deployment.  With the added stress of having only one parent during a deployment, I know that sometimes they may feel the need to be reminded of how special they are with some alone time.   So date night is just that, a date with Mom!  Each month they trade off who gets to take Mom out on the town, although the date agenda is ultimately decided by me!  This month Rickie goes first with a trip to the movies to see Inkheart.  Kylen thinks it would scare her, so she doesn’t want to see it anyway.  Usually a movie will not count for our date night (because we all enjoy going), but this month will be an exception.  Well, and apparently next month too, because the Jonas Brothers 3-D concert will be hitting the theaters (I think), and this is what Kylen wants to do (and she reminds me every time the commercial comes on!).

and finally,

NEW FISCAL HABIT:  Eating out no more than twice a month. In an effort to save some money, and monitor what kind of crap I was teaching my children, we are limiting our consumption of such luxuries.

Okay – that’s it – that’ll do it – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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I was raised in a strict household. I gave respect to my elders, whether I wanted to or not. I married a Yankee, and in the process of raising our children I have discovered that as a child he was not required to say Sir and Ma’am. He does not want the children to address him that way either, but I do. So the compromise (ha), is that they don’t have to for him, but do for me. In addition, I am willing to accept “yes, please” and “no, thank you” in lieu of Ma’am.
Despite this compromise, I still figured that the children would adhere to whatever we said, and I have been reminded (more so lately) that neither of them are very polite. At seven years old, my son should be able to grasp this idea and quit “forgetting” his manners!!!

We have family friends that are called by their first names, which annoys the hell out of me. In fact, I am going to change that, but back to the point of the story.

I have come to realization that my children are evil little brats that are not at all respective of their elders (teachers and friends alike). How much of this is my doing? I have always said I would raise my children to be polite, but when did I stop listening to them? When did I tune out their rude behaviors, thus deeming them acceptable?

A teacher in their daycare is also a friend of the family. And another of the teachers is her friend, so she’s accepted like family as well. In fact, they have watched the kids for me in the evenings from time to time. I guess Bubba has been questioning WHY he has to do certain things, eventually doing them BUT questioning first. THERE IS NO WHY?!?!!? THERE IS ONLY YES MA’AM! Okay, so my response isn’t one that I would want the day care to use, and its not that I don’t want my children to QUESTION life in general. I just don’t want them to question what I do and what I say in regards to them. Is that too much to ask? Am I unreasonable? I am MOTHER, the one who takes care of it all. I wake you, I feed you, I bathe you, I take you in public. WHY ASK ME WHY!?!?

There is no why!  There is only Yes ma’am, thank you for not killing me today, ma’am.

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Dry Run

This weekend my husband and I got up at the butt-crack of dawn in order to see off one of his Soldiers who was deploying ahead of the rest of the unit.  As usual with the Army it was a case of “hurry up and wait.”  Three hours into the process we were finally at a point where I was able to see others from the unit, their wives who were there to see them off, and their sorrowful goodbyes.  Although there were only a handful of Soldiers from our particular unit going, it did not make the occasion any less poignant.  As I stood around taking pictures I realized that this was basically a rehearsal for me.  My children were not there, but I stood with my husband on a side of the line which I usually tow alone.  It was very surreal.

So I wonder, how can I keep this any less painful for us in the upcoming days?  Firstly, I am a drop-and-run type of wife.  My husband is lucky if we even get out of the truck at the field.  Heck, he’s lucky I slow down before pushing him out. This is what works for us.  Last deployment, however, I stuck around to take pictures of the whole affair for other families of Soldiers who could not be there.  I found out this morning, three full years later, that my attendance for the full hour or two was painful for him.  This year I have to balance my desire to (a) make this as easy as possible for my husband, and (b) my helpful spirit of taking pictures for families in the lower-48.  I am unsure what I will do, but I am sure I will tell you when

Saying Goodbye

I do.

I have spent the rest of the weekend searching the internet for more things I can do to make this transition easier for my kids.   With Bubba, 7 now, and ‘tug (like sugar, but shortened and babish) a very vocal 4, I worry that this deployment is one they will remember (over the others they have experienced), and that it could be more detrimental to they psyche, or something like that.  The newest to my arsenal of web information is from survivingdeployment.com.  I haven’t made a full opinion on their advice, but for a publishing company, they seem to be pretty interested in the military and how deployments affect its families.  A sister site with seemingly great ideas is deploymentkids.com.  More in the weeks to come on what I have gotten from this site and how it fares.

Well, I digress.  I was addressing my activities this weekend in order to say this: If you are driving around post for the next three weeks or so, please be ware of emotionally distraught spouses leaving the scene of goodbye.

Saying Goodbye

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