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Leg 1 – revisted

Okay – so we’ve made some changes since the last time I posted.  Namely, we’ve sold our camper. I took pictures, and will be posting some tonight (on this post) so make sure and check back. (Kylen and I were sad, just a bit).

We were slightly worried about not dumping the house before we leave, and we wanted to be sure we could float for a while should we find ourselves in that situation.  That sale prompted me to plan a little bit about where we will be staying at night, since we do have two dogs.  I’ve mapped a new route (new again on 4/29/30 and the stops seem a bit far apart, but we’ll see). And then spent time on petswelcome.com in order to locate hotels that (1) accept dogs, and (2) don’t charge fees for their hairy visitors.  One hotel wanted $150 for a fee!!!!  Are you kidding me?!? I don’t think so.

If anyone has advice (from experience)on this  whole traveling with dogs scenario (and not pulling our own bed), please chime in below!!

We STILL haven’t sold the house, and I’m STILL not done with school.  But we will see what the future brings in a month’s time, I suppose.  We have booked our last halibut charter that we shall be taking (for the next few years), and hope to pull in enough to last us for a little while.  We’ve been out (thanks to the freezer shorting out) of halibut & salmon for over a year now, and it’s depressing!


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Okay, we finally got our report date to Fort Polk!  And its way out there, so basically we have the time we wanted to visit NY.  Woohoo!  So, now that we’ve gotten that figured out, we think we’ve mapped out our first leg.  The stopping points might shift slightly, depending on how well the kids/dogs travel.

Now we are taking the regular route outta Canada, and that will take us through Edmonton.  So we will hit the West Edmonton Mall, instead of the Mall of America.  Six of one, half a dozen of the other, really.  Then we’ll stop in near Bozeman, MT to see some friends, and from there on to Mount Rushmore.  That’s our last sight seeing adventure, as we’ll book it straight down into Louisiana around night 9 or 10 (maybe).  Then the kids and I will hang around Louisiana for three weeks or so while Rick’s @ Airborne School…..That’ll complete the first leg of our journey.  There are three more legs to go before its over with!

Pray for a safe journey, as we make our way south.  Seems like we won’t be leaving until after the Memorial weekend festivities.

I’m about ready to start researching what I can get to take with me that enables me to have internet access from the truck….anywhere/everywhere.  If anyone knows of anything, let me know!!!!

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