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Well, looks like I’ve got two more truck-packing days, then two days of having packers around for the rest of the HHG, and then a day and a half of not having any stuff, but still sitting in the house.

We are all excited, ready to move on and start the next show, you know?  There are some fires on the ALCAN currently, which is a little disturbing.  I’m hoping to clears up enough to let us out next Friday.  We’ll be stopping by to see Santa Claus on our way out Friday, hopefully he can pull a few strings for us.  🙂

Another complication to my situation, I’ve dumped the phone in the Chena! Its not working, and I’m now looking to borrow a phone to get us through.  I’ve got all the numbers, and our itinerary all plugged into the blackberry!  Oh well, I’ll have to do it on the iPod Touch I guess.

Well, that’s that, guess I need to get back to work at packing.  The house is about 2 weeks away from closing, which is nice.  I’ve defended my master’s project, and that went well.  I just have a few revisions to the write-up.  (Glad that’s over). Things are finally looking up.


Now on to looking @ Liard River Hot Springs to see if we can stop there for an hour or so….


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